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This short course will help you prepare for the CSE with video lectures, study reference materials, and practice exams similar to what you may find in the exam. We are developing additional materials over time, but you will find Planting, Irrigation, and Codes and Regulations modules complete and ready to go.

Even if you’re not preparing for the CSE yet, this course is an excellent overview of California legal and design issues. 

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  • Federal, state, and local codes and regulations- how they overlay and where permit review/approval lives
  • California CEQA process and state agencies
  • Common California plants, uses, problems, and diseases
  • Basic components of an irrigation system
  • MWELO calculation process
  • Reclaimed, graywater, and rain storage systems
"Thank you so much for putting this together. My mind was a bit cloudy when it came to some of the agency items and your material definitely helped me out a lot. I am definitely recommending your courses!"
Recent CSE candidate