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Syllabus study guide for the Grading, Drainage and Stormwater section of the LARE.

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The Grading, Drainage and Stormwater Section of the LARE includes part of the material in what was Section 4, with much of the CD content relocated to other sections. This is still a challenging section of the LARE with topics that will test your ability to analyze and perform calculations for a variety of situations. Our Syllabus study guide provides an overview of every topic listed in CLARB’s 2023 Blueprint, and collects what we know about CLARB’s approach to site grading. You’ll also find our recommendations for how to study, what to study, and a concise, clear review of how to do grading calculations, starting from the very beginning. 200 pages and 120 practice questions.

This section also includes a standalone packet of  AIT-style “drag-and-drop” graphic practice Exercises, with a Solutions packet. An annotated step-by-step guide walks you through many of the complex grading problems in the AIT Exercises packet.

We also include our Section O document, which provides a general overview of the LARE and our best tips for preparing for exam day and then entering your testing window with a calm, efficient mindset.



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